Texas Republicans Are Once Again Threatening To Secede From The United States

Texas Republicans seem to have forgotten what they learned in 8th-grade history class, because they are seriously considering the idea of seceding from the United States. Do they not recall how this very thing turned out for Texas in the past or are they just stupid?

If I wasn’t currently stuck in the state that I lovingly refer to as “America’s A**hole” I’d say to hell with Texas! Let them leave! But I live here and I also kinda like America! I’d prefer to stay a part of my country if at all possible — even IF we’re forced to live with the real “American A**hole” — Donald Trump.

Actually, all jokes aside, Texas is not a horrible place — we just have horrible politicians that have done a lot of damage to the place I call home. The fact that there are elected officials (supposedly protecting my best interests) that would consider leaving the United States is laughable, but it’s also terrifying if you look at the big picture. These officials would seriously consider standing up against the United States government and their military? They would get us all killed! They have to be out of their minds. Out of their minds, but also very serious about this subject.

According to a report from The Texas Nationalist Movement, what they are calling the Texas Independence Resolution has been voted on and passed overwhelmingly in more than 20 county and state district conventions and now the debate is heading to the State GOP Convention in May.

While it’s highly unlikely that the idea of secession will be given much thought at the State convention, the fact that the debate itself even stands a chance at being brought to the committee at all is pretty scary. Perhaps everyone in favor of an independent Texas could use a little refresher on how this worked out in the past.

Here is a brief history lesson courtesy of The Houston Chronicle:

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