Texas’ Loopy Louie Gohmert Wants To Be Speaker Of The House — Seriously

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told the nation (that watches “Fox & Friends,” anyway) that he’s challenging current House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) for his job. Why the bold move (if it can be called that)? “Tea Party News Network” likely has the answer in the first line of their article, before they even get to what Gohmert actually said: Extreme Teapublicans think Boehner is a RINO (Republican in Name Only). They want someone who sees the world from their narrow point of view to lead the House, because obviously.

According to The Hill, Gohmert said that people wanted a change:

Eventually, the goal is second, third, fourth round, we have enough people that say ‘you know what, it really is time for a change. You deceived us when you went to Obama and Pelosi to get your votes for the cromnibus. You said you’d fight amnesty tooth and nail. You didn’t, you funded it.'”

What Gohmert and the rest of the blinders-wearing Tea Party fails to see is that, to get things done, the two sides must work together. They have to compromise, and compromise usually means that nobody gets everything they want, but both sides get something they want. The Tea Party wing of the GOP has been stonewalling compromise for years, insisting instead on an all-or-nothing approach that hasn’t worked.

The Hill reports that Gohmert went on to say:

We’ll get back to appropriating and we will go through regular committee process, so every representative from both parties will have a chance to participate in the process and not have a dictator running things.

Not bloody likely. If the Tea Party were in charge of the House, they’d more than likely leave Democrats out altogether except for where tokens are needed or legally required, because they’ll think they don’t need them.

Gohmert is upset with Boehner for passing the $1.1 trillion CRomnibus bill back in December to keep the government running. One can infer that Gohmert would have preferred another government shutdown instead, which was something that much of the rest of Congress (including the new Senate Majority Leader and a staunch supporter of last year’s shutdown, Mitch McConnell), and the rest of the country, did not.

Gohmert isn’t the only Tea Partier who wants a shot at Boehner’s job. Rep. Todd Yoho (R-FL) also put his name out there as a potential candidate, according to the Washington Post. Both Yoho and Gohmert voted against Boehner in 2013, and both reflect the frustration the Tea Party wing of the GOP feels with “business as usual.”

The Washington Post says that Boehner’s allies expect he will retain the speakership without much drama. They apparently feel that things will proceed smoothly in the new year.

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