Texas GOP Rep. Pushing To Legalize Cannabis To Save 9-Year-Old Epileptic Girl

GOP Texas Rep. David Simpson wants to repeal the prohibition of marijuana. He cites, among other things, that a constituent of his had a daughter that had 15-20 seizures a day. Just last month, “out of desperation they went to Colorado after studying the matter and she went two weeks without any seizures,” said Simpson.

Disabled US Navy Veteran, Dean Bortell, has become a huge advocate of the legalization of cannabis — even if only for medicinal use — because his nine-year-old daughter, Alexis, has epilepsy and cannabis seems to be the only thing that cures it.

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Doctors in Texas prescribed Carbatrol for Alexis, which her father said was “like throwing gasoline on a fire. It was terrible. Her seizures went from mainly at night to around the clock.”

Next, doctors prescribed Depakote, which gave Alexis tremors, spasms, made her chomp and shake and altered her personality — and she still had the seizures.

Out of desperation, the family decided to watch the CNN documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “Weed 2,” which told them that cannabis oil can stop seizures without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. Bonus: cannabis is natural and affordable.

That’s where David Simpson comes in. If Simpson’s bill passes in its current form, all penalties for growth, sale and use of the drug would be removed.

Simpson proposes that, “this plant be regulated like tomatoes, jalapeños or coffee,” adding, “Current marijuana policies are not based on science or sound evidence, but rather misinformation and fear.”

Covering all bases in his search for support, Simpson also cites religion in addition to science and sound evidence.

All that God created is good, including marijuana. God did not make a mistake when he made marijuana that the government needs to fix. Let’s allow the plant to be utilized for good — helping people with seizures, treating warriors with PTSD, producing fiber and other products — or simply for beauty and enjoyment. Government prohibition should be for violent actions that harm your neighbor — not of the possession, cultivation, and responsible use of plants.

Simpson took the Bortell’s plight to heart. Bortell feels that they shouldn’t have to move from Texas to Colorado, saying:

This may or may not work, but it hurts to know that there’s something out there that could help her and we can’t get access to it because of our ZIP code.

Nine-year-old Alexis has a “red card” for cannabis oil in Colorado, but was never able to try the cannabis oil in Texas because of fears that the state of Texas would drug test her for the now illegal drug. Before cannabis oil, she was required to have someone with her 24/7 in order to care for her if she started to seize.

While it is legal for Alexis to use cannabis oil in Colorado, and doctors there are treating her successfully, she cannot use it in her home state of Texas — unless and until Simpson’s bill passes.

Here is Alexis’ story as told by her father:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYWPx6I3nzw?feature=player_detailpage]

Featured Image: via Weedist.

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