Texas Board Of “EDUMACASHUN” Rejects Book Learnin’: They Don’t Need No Stinking Facts!

Texas is not only one of the biggest embarrassments of our country, it apparently is a point of pride for them. After their textbooks were recently discovered to hold egregious errors, including calling African slaves held by American plantation owners “workers,” a measure requiring that actual university experts fact-check the textbooks was rejected 7-8 by the Texas Board of Education.

Clearly they don’t need no stinkin’ liberal fact-checking in Texas, despite many parent’s outcry for better education in the state, because they have a better way to do it. The same way they were doing it before, with a small adjustment. Texas doesn’t have ANY experts on their panels, in essence, the entire state is being home-schooled by whoever makes up their reaffirmed textbook review board.

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In Texas fact-checking of textbooks is done by a citizen review panel, of course, and is made up of parents, teachers, and other members of the general public – not experts.

This kind of criminal stupidity in the education of American children should be illegal. The same state that many joke has an express lane to the electric chair, actually praises gun violence as part of the “American way,” and rejects real sex education for their children is now rejecting real facts in their textbooks. We aren’t even shocked anymore Texas, shame on you.

The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, in 2014, studied new history books for the state’s Board of Education. The group highlighted a number of biased inaccuracies, such as suggesting segregated schools weren’t completely bad and Affirmative Action recipients are un-American.

Kathy Miller, the president of the fund said at that time:

A number of textbook passages essentially reflect the ideological beliefs of politicians on the state board rather than sound scholarship and factual history.

After the Board voted down the measure to improve Texas’ textbooks, and sh*t all over their reputation in the national community – again (let’s face it, they should already know they are the butt of the joke, because TEXAS), Kathy Miller is quoted as being “embarrassed for her state.” Well, Kathy, we are embarrassed for you, too.

Don’t worry, though, in their “wisdom” the School Board voted unanimously that instead of any actual fact checking, they will now require that review panels have “at least a majority” of people with “sufficient content expertise and experience.” Oh, that sounds better right? But wait: who gets to pick the majority of “edumacated” people on the TEXTBOOK REVIEW BOARD?  That is totally under the discretion of the Texas education commissioner.

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