Texas Board Of Ed Candidate Who Ran On ‘Obama Is A Gay Prostitute’ Platform Loses Race. Barely.

Mary Lou Bruner seems to be unable to separate fantasy from reality. Troubling in and of itself, this is particularly bad because she decided to run for the Texas State Board of Education. And she nearly won.


Bruner ran on a platform of… something… but her more controversial views were plastered all over her personal Facebook page, which she has since made private for reasons that will become very apparent. She believed that President Barack Obama was a gay prostitute who turned tricks to pay for his drug habit, that Noah (of the ark) saved baby dino’s but they were too small to survive to breeding age, and that the Boy Scouts should be labeled a “homosexual organization.”

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In other words, this woman insane belief structure makes tin foil embarrassed to be associated with her, and she was running for the board in charge of selecting TEXTBOOKS for Texas’ children. A woman who honestly believed that teaching evolution is the reason that we have school shootings ran for one of the highest educational post in her state and WON THE POPULAR VOTE. She didn’t win it by enough though, forcing a run-off.

On Tuesday, Ms. Bruner was defeated by a wide margin by Keven M. Ellis, 45, a chiropractor who is the president of the school board in Lufkin. Because Republicans dominate the district, the winner of the Republican race is expected to beat the Democrat — Amanda M. Rudolph, a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University — in the general election.

She may just have won this election too, if she hadn’t been suddenly abandoned by the Tea Party group which had backed her previously. Only days before the election, “Grassroots America — We the People” withdrew their support from Bruner, according to the New York Times. They didn’t finally find some integrity, they simply got angry with her following a contentious meeting.

Posting things like calling climate change a socialist conspiracy to force the United States to pay the rest of the world’s bills, didn’t lose her the backing of the group — no, that is cool with them. Instead, the 69-year-old’s shaky grip on reality showed through during a superintendents meeting at which she lied, twice, and made other disputed claims.

The executive director of Grassroots America — We the People, JoAnn Fleming, said in a statement that the endorsement had been withdrawn because of inaccurate oral and written statements that Ms. Bruner made at a meeting with superintendents on May 4.

Ms. Bruner said nearly 50 percent of public school students were enrolled in special education programs and claimed that Texas would soon have a shortage of qualified teachers, citing a shortage of 91 teachers in one district. Both claims, among others, were disputed by the superintendents, some of whom spoke up loudly to correct Ms. Bruner.

Perhaps, though, the most important takeaway from this near tragic election is what the victorious candidate Mr. Ellis said, “The voters did their homework.” This woman was nearly selected to a very influential position, but was defeated by her lies and refusal to believe the truth. If this sounds familiar you don’t have to look very far, her campaign seems to be a haunting shadow play of Donald Trump’s, on which reality has rarely impinged.

We aren’t going to get a second chance to fix a screw-up of presidential proportions though, and Mary Lou Bruner is a perfect example of why we must mobilize to defeat Trump: she WON on a platform which resembled Trump’s, born of literal stupidity, fantasy, and poisonous rhetoric. She won the first election despite spitting on science, repeating conjecture as fact, and regurgitating fear as policy.

Her platform even echoed the false “Make America Great Again,” motto of the Trump campaign, when she stated that she would do everything possible to make sure our public school students are taught the traditional knowledge and skills that have made America the world leader.

Take heed, America, it is up to us to stop this flood of insane anti-intellectuallism. From the state level races all the way up to the presidential race, your vote stands between us and them — make it count.

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