Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Refuses to Answer if He would Object to Interracial Marriage

One of the hottest political buttons this cycle is the fight for marriage equality. America is moving forward towards full equality.

The more extreme faction of the Republican Party simply cannot come to terms with gay rights. So, when speaking to a reporter, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott attempted to relate the issue to interracial marriage, but only made matters worse for himself. Abbott told the San Antonio Express-News editorial board:

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“Right now, if there was a ban on interracial marriage, that’s already been ruled unconstitutional. And all I can do is deal with the issues that are before me … The job of an attorney general is to represent and defend in court the laws of their client, which is the state Legislature, unless and until a court strikes it down.”

The reporter continued:

When I said I wasn’t clear if he [Abbott] was saying he would have defended a ban on interracial marriage, he said, “Actually, the reason why you’re uncertain about it is because I didn’t answer the question. And I can’t go back and answer some hypothetical question like that.”

Abbott finished:

“What kind of state would we live in if the public policies of this state were allowed to be determined by the attorney general? The attorney general would have a super veto over the elected representatives, and that would be a chaotic form of government, contrary to our fundamental constitutional principles. It would be way beyond the separation of powers. It would be a dictatorship…by the attorney general.”

It is disturbing that Republicans will allow Abbott to get away with a non-answer answer over something that would affect the lives of so many, yet attacked Virginia Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes for refusing to say who she personally voted for in the Presidential election.

It is true the Attorney General’s job is to defend the laws of the state. However, it is also their job to protect the citizens of their state—even the minorities. Attorney General Eric Holder has signaled in the past that state Attorney General’s do not have to uphold gay marriage bans. Even the Supreme Court has signaled the end discrimination based on sexuality.

Despite the entire country’s readiness to move forward, Texas Republicans remain a blight on progress. Their regressive attitude continues to harm minorities living within the boundaries of the state.

The people of Texas deserve better.

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