Texas Ammosexuals Will Be THRILLED, They Can Bring Their Guns To The State Convention

Monday, the GOP presidential candidates, too afraid to admit they don’t want guns near them, deferred the decision of whether or not to allow the open carry of firearms at the Republican National Convention to the Secret Service. Ultimately they decided (thankfully) NOT to allow guns in the building. This decision made gun advocates all over the country absolutely livid, especially after over 40,000 people signed a petition in favor of allowing weapons on the premises.

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Can you imagine what might happen in a packed building full of Trump and Cruz supporters with guns?? Luckily we won’t have to find out!

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That same day, however, a Texas Republican Party spokesman confirmed that both open and concealed carry of firearms will be allowed at the state’s convention being held in May, because what could possibly go wrong?

Texas Open Carry Leader, C.J. Grisham said:

The bottom line is there is no place where you cannot be the target of criminal activity. Since there’s no such thing to a safe place, there should be no place where you don’t have a right to a self-defense.

Grisham also told the Dallas Morning News that he doesn’t blame the Republican party for the decision not to allow guns at the National Convention, since that was up to the Secret Service, but he made it clear that he felt if Republicans were as “pro-gun” as they say they are, they should pass laws making it impossible for the Secret Service to ban guns, or “create gun-free zones.”

It is really kind of sad to say you have to pass laws that say you have to obey the Constitution. These are our rights. Our rights should not end just because any individual person wanders into an area.

Texas has allowed firearms at conventions in the past, but based on the current political climate – this could end up being a disaster. Let’s hope no one gets hurt!

Featured Image Via IYON Library/Allison Vincent

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