Texas AG Ken Paxton Accepts Dinner Invitation From Transgender Boy And His Family (VIDEO)

This past May, President Obama issued a directive to all public schools and colleges in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, regardless of their “biological” classification at birth. As expected, this directive caused an uproar among Republicans who are hell-bent on this new form of segregation.

States like North Carolina and Mississippi have passed discriminatory laws forcing transgender people to use public restrooms assigned to their gender classification at birth and several others are attempting to do the same. Texas is among these states and Governor Greg Abbott has not been shy about voicing his opinions and intentions to demonize the transgender community.

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One Texas family has refused to be a victim of these discriminatory intentions and has been very outspoken about the positive impact that having the power to choose has had on their transgender son who is an elementary school student in Denton — a city outside of Dallas.

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Unfortunately for the Briggle family and others like them, this past Sunday, with Texas AG Ken Paxton among those leading the charge, a federal judge blocked Obama’s directive for public schools to accommodate transgender students stating that “the guidelines hold a gun to the head of local school districts.” This came at the worst possible time, with most Texas districts starting school August 22.

Through all of this, the Briggle’s have been focused on one thing — their son, and Amber Briggle has continuously extended an open invitation to Ken Paxton to come join her family for dinner and meet her son — an invitation he seems to have finally accepted this past week.

Amber, understandably excited, took to Twitter with her news:

I hope Paxton really does honor his pledge to meet with the family. Maybe it will open his eyes and mind.

Watch the interview with Ken Paxton and the Briggle family here:

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