Terri Schiavo’s Husband: Jeb Bush Is A ‘Vindictive Coward Who Ruined My Life’

The news of perennial presidential loser, Mitt Romney, and his decision to not lose a third presidential election (we blame spotty Mittbot 3.0 technology) may have given Jeb Bush and Chris Christie a big boner (sorry for the visuals), but that just means that all of his Jeb’s dirty laundry gets first dibs. He is a Bush and therefore has more dirty laundry than a college freshman.

Enter Terri Schiavo…

Remember Terri Schiavo? While many of us were forced into therapy in order to quell the memory of the Bush years from our systems, the case involving Terri Schiavo was one of those special moments of right-wing hypocrisy deserving to be hung up on the fridge. Terri was the brain-dead Tampa Bay woman who was the center of a  heated legal battle between her parents and husband for nearly ten years.

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The case was of particular importance in regards to republican hypocrisy, since President Bush and the party that hates government intervention, swiftly flew to Washington to signed Republican-passed legislation that aimed to keep the suffering woman alive.

Of course this is the same man who vigorously opposed funding stem cell research, which would’ve given quality of life to people with Parkinson’s Disease, but apparently Jesus hated science that benefited humanity and loved keeping suffering people alive. The former president probably was just worried that it would give the Democratic Party much-needed backbone.

But Michael Schiavo, the husband of Terri Schiavo, had strong words for former Florida Governor and potential 2016 candidate Jeb Bush, who went against the Florida courts and got short-term legislation passed to force Terri Schiavo back on a feeding tube.

“Jeb Bush is an untrustworthy and vindictive coward,” said Michael Schiavo. Michael was quite upset with Jeb Bush, blaming him for the years of “hell” he forced him to live through after he intervened in a matter that had been decided by the courts and should have stayed there. (BlueNationReview)

Where have you been, Michael Schiavo? Ruining people’s lives is what Bushes do for a living and probably better than anyone.  It seems that Michael’s ire was better explained by a political science professor at University of Central Florida.

“Jeb will pursue whatever he thinks is right, virtually forever,” said Aubrey Jewett, a political science professor at the University of Central Florida. “It’s a theme of Jeb’s governorship: He really pushed executive power to the limits.” (BlueNationReview)

Jeb Bush trying to paint himself as a diehard conservative may present as many problems as Sarah Palin trying to complete a sentence. 2016 can’t come soon enough.

H/T: BlueNationReview

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