Tennessee School Board Removes Christian Flag…But Not Really

After a request by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a School Board absolutely flouted the desire of the Founding Fathers to keep religion and government separate. However, they did so in such a way that they could say that they had removed the conflict of interest they were blatantly displaying, as a government agency, by flying the “Christian Flag” during official School Board functions without actually changing anything.

Not many are surprised when Christians sneer at the government that assures their right to worship in their own way by trying to put their religion in a pseudo-elevated position above others. So, the choice by the Unicoi County Board of Education to remove the flag from its official placement in the room may seem to be a bit shocking to some. Of course, the fact is that the removal and donation are nothing but a ploy to have their cake and eat it too, something of a case of Hypocrisy: 101.

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We, as members of the Unicoi County Board of Education, have taken an oath to uphold the constitutions of the United States and the state of Tennessee. As a result, while we as individuals affirm our commitment to those things that the Christian flag represents, we as government officials recognize this flag can only be displayed by individual members of the community who have rights to freedom of expression and can legally enjoy their free exercise of religion.

Accordingly it seems most fitting that we should donate it to people within this community who will fly this flag in exercise of those individual rights.

The plan? Remove and donate the flag to an actual religious entity and then have members of the board bring, and display, the flag during official meetings anyway. Even though this is a flagrant example of Christian Supremacy, and thinly veiled attempt to undermine the Constitution, the move makes the gaudy display of religion legal. Immoral, probably, but it maintains the letter of the law, with the added benefit of spitting on the rights of others, while still paying lip-service to the Constitution. How very “Christian” of them.

The offending banner was removed from the room Thursday and ceremonially handed over to the Unicoi County Ministerial Association. But, as was made clear in the meeting, individual members of the School Board or members of the community are encouraged to pick up the flag from its new home and bring it to meetings. Basically, it is as if they did nothing, but they may have managed to skirt being sued.

According to the Johnson City Press:

Rev. Noah Taylor, pastor of Evergreen Free Will Baptist Church and president of the county’s ministerial association [said] the flag would be taken to the Unicoi County YMCA to be housed but would be returned to the school board meeting room for display in the audience of future Board of Education meetings by association members acting as private citizens. Taylor invited members of the standing-room-only crowd in attendance at Thursday’s meeting and others in the community to join the association in displaying the flag at future meetings.

Way to go, Christians, it must not have been obvious enough to everyone that Christians only care about the Constitution when they can use it to put themselves above others.

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