Telling Admission By Dr. Oz Reveals Trump Appearance Will Be Nothing More Than Publicity Stunt

For Trump’s much publicized appearance on Dr. Oz, eponymous doctor Mehmet Oz is channeling Dr. Bornstein. Trump will get a chance to promote himself and his supposed good health with little to no scrutiny or fact-checking.

By Dr. Oz’s own admission, his plan is let Trump say what he wants to say and get out of the way. He also told Politico that he would not be asking Trump any questions the Republican candidate didn’t want answer, citing – apparently without irony – what amounts to doctor-patient privileges.

The metaphor for me is it’s the doctor’s office, the studio. So I’m not going to ask him questions he doesn’t want to have answered, and I also don’t want to talk about anybody else. We’re not going to be talking about Secretary Clinton, for sure.”

But while they won’t be discussing Clinton, they will be discussing Trump’s healthcare “plans” – which is interesting because he doesn’t have any.

“And I don’t want to talk about things that are outside of the health purview. But I do not believe we can have a wealthy country without being a healthy country. And so I do think people want to understand, what happens to my health care if Mr. Trump is elected, and more importantly, what kind of role model is he for health in our country.”

It is an open question as to what exactly Trump, who has been described as a “70-year-old, corpulent, junk-food-gobbling opponent, who has proudly posed with a KFC chicken bucket,” can tell the rest of the country about health. Although, hypocritically criticizing others for flaws he has is Trump’s favorite hobby.

In an even more disturbing admission for those of us who foolishly hoped Dr. Oz might hold Trump’s feet to the fire even slightly, the television doctor explained that he would be helping Trump “make some sense” out of the candidate’s preposterous medical letter allegedly written by his long-time stomach doctor. That’s too bad, because as of right now, the letter is the only form of his medical history Trump has ever released – and it’s garbled nonsense.

The taping is looking more and more like one long publicity stunt to help Trump get elected. Which is, of course, exactly why Donald Trump agreed to sit down with Dr. Oz in the first place.

Featured image via Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

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