‘Tehran Tom’ Cotton’s First Senate Speech: From Zero To Hitler In under 60 Seconds (VIDEO)

Godwin’s Law states that all internet arguments will inevitably result in a reference to Hitler and the Third Reich. When that occurs, the person guilty of said reference has lost the argument.

Senator Tom Cotton decided to take that rule in real life to the US Senate floor in his very first speech, using the infamous murderer to invoke fear and uncertainty for the cause of increased defense spending.

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Quoting Winston Churchill from 1933, Cotton equated the lax attitude towards Adolf and Britain’s under-achieving defense program in the face of true evil to US defense spending.  The very notion is of course ludicrous, considering we spend more on defense than the next eight countries combined.

Senator Cotton is turning out to be the next generation of warmonger Republicans so desperately need to keep their campaign coffers packed with funds from defense contractors.

Senator Tom Cotton invokes Hitler in his first speech on the Senate floor.


H/T: CSPAN | Featured Image: Screen Capture From Video


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