Teenage Cancer Survivor Thanks President Obama For Continuing Stem Cell Research

Pro-Lifers Want To Prevent People From Life-Saving Technology

At a time where the anti-choice crowd is yowling in a fevered pitch over the recent release of undercover Planned Parenthood videos, 15-year-old Gavin Nore is thanking President Obama for his second chance at life.

In 2001, George W. Bush pulled federal funding for stem cell research, which many experts agreed slowed progress in research and development on the possibilities these “blank” cells contained. In 2009, President Obama resumed federal funding for stem cell research and since then the scientific community has made significant advances in practical uses for stem cells on humans.

One such recipient of stem cell therapy was Nore, when he was a teenager:

Gavin Nore, 15 Letters to Obama

(Gavin Nore, 15 Letters to Obama)

The curative qualities of stem cells are unquestionable. Stem cells offer an alternative to people who need transplants, but tens of thousands of people languish on waiting lists. Stem cells are also currently being researched to treat Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, Type I diabetes, burn victims, paralysis, as well as cardiovascular diseases. Gavin is not the only person to benefit from stem cell therapy and the preceding research which lead to his successful treatment.

So while the “pro-life” crowd is protesting the use of aborted human fetuses for research — research even Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson has participated in — doctors are finding new ways of turning a loss of life for a fetus or embryo into second chances at life for others.

The silliest thing about the anti-choice crowd is that their outrage is directed towards Planned Parenthood providing tissue to labs for research, so they want Planned Parenthood shut down even though it wouldn’t make abortion illegal. They wouldn’t be saving any lives, just making it harder for scientists to develop cures for people like Gavin.

A lot of stem cell research and development is conducted on human embryos which aren’t procured via abortion, but donated after in-vitro fertilization (IVF). These “life begins at conception” wackos don’t care at all about ending IVF, because then it would make it illegal for infertile couples that want a baby to have one, but it would become legal to force women who don’t want to have a baby to have one. And that’s why “Personhood” Amendments and shutting down Planned Parenthoods fail on a grand scale.

Our time with President Obama is dwindling and we face the possibility of having another conservative in office who is pandering to a base who are outraged by Planned Parenthood’s practices. It’s a crucial time to hold the line and elect a person who will continue to protect this research.

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