Teen Trump Fan Says He Was Tossed From NC Rally Because His Skin Was The Wrong Color (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just lost one family’s votes in North Carolina, thanks to racial profiling.

According to The Charlotte Observer 18-year-old college student Jake Anantha, who is of Indian descent, was removed from Trump’s rally in North Carolina’s largest city after the candidate’s security guards accused him of being a known protester.

Anantha had recently registered as a Republican and was prepared to vote for Trump in his first election. Now he says he has gone from being an avid supporter of the billionaire businessman to being an opponent.

Both Jake and his father Ramesh Anantha say that the only reason Jake was removed from the rally was that he had the wrong color skin. Ramesh, whose parents came to the U.S. from India, told the Observer that since Trump has repeatedly declared his love for people of color,

[Jake] should have been looked at as a perfect Trump supporter. He should have been somebody they’re putting up on stage.

According to Jake, he arrived at the Charlotte Convention Center, the site of the rally, early enough to claim a spot near the stage. As he was standing there, he says a security guard tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to come with him. Jake says the guard told him, “We know who you are. You’ve been at many other rallies.”

Jake insisted that this was his first rally and that he was a Trump supporter. But no one was interested in what he was saying, and police removed him from the venue.  He was even wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt at the time he was escorted out of the hall.

After he was removed, Jake says he stood outside and watched an overwhelmingly white crowd file into the rally. “I thought he [Trump] was for all people. I don’t believe he is for all people anymore,” he told the Observer. “Why are all these white people allowed to attend and I’m not?”

Jake’s experience has soured his entire conservative Republican family on Trump. Both Jake and his father say that Trump has lost the votes of the whole family thanks to the incident. Ramesh said,

It was a very rude introduction into the world of politics. We realize Donald Trump himself had nothing to do with this problem, but it’s the type of campaign he’s running.

Trump himself may have had nothing to do with Jake Anantha’s removal from the rally, but he has set the tone that led up to it. This incident is only the most recent one in which someone at a Trump rally was escorted out simply because of the color of his skin. A few months ago in Delaware, three black men were removed from a rally under similar circumstances. Video of Jake Anantha’s removal shows that he was ordered to leave by the same security staffer who threw out the men at the Delaware rally — former FBI agent Eddie Deck, who now works as Trump’s racial profiler in chief.

Jake Anantha-Eddie Deck

The Anantha family have just gotten a taste of Donald Trump’s vision for making America “great” again. That involves going back to an America where white people run the show, and darker skinned people are automatically viewed with suspicion.

The video below, from The Charlotte Observer, starts with an interview of Rose Hamid, a Muslim woman who was also thrown out of the rally. Toward the end is a quick shot of Deck ordering Anantha to leave.

Featured image via The Charlotte Observer screen capture

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