Teen Republican Poster Child Dumps Entire Party – They Are Just Too Racist

A 13-year old kid who became famous early this year for making a video where he agreed with Rudy Giuliani’s statement about Obama not loving America, and openly challenging Obama to an interview, is renouncing his support for the GOP. C. J. Pearson became a YouTube sensation for championing conservative values, but has since realized that the so-called “values” Republicans want aren’t the values that America needs.

He was quite blunt in his explanation:

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I was tired of being a champion of a party that turned a blind eye to racial discrimination. Tired of being a champion of any cause that denies equal rights to every American. Tired of being a champion of a party that doesn’t care about the issues important to young people.

When your own poster child for Republicanism dumps your party because it is too racist, you better wake up and realize you have a huge problem – and the problem isn’t minorities.

Well, glory be! Some people can wake up. That’s exactly what the Republican Party stands for – the rich, white man. They want us to believe that if we just elevate the rich, white man enough, everyone will finally prosper. They also want us to believe the reason we still don’t have equality—gender equality, racial equality, etc.—is either because we have too many laws that just aren’t being enforced, or because the people who are crying about needing equality are actually bringing their “punishments” on themselves. Perhaps they will say it is because equality violates religious freedom. That’s a rich one, too.

Pearson is a black teen living in the deep south in Georgia, and the thing that turned him around was a conversation with another teen friend who asked why he doesn’t speak out against racial discrimination. His reason was that he worried it would upset his followers. He is probably right.

As a teen, especially a teen as young as he is, having a huge following is a big thing. Heck, it’s even a big thing as an adult. However, Pearson doesn’t want to be “that conservative wonder kid” that people follow because he makes them feel good.

He also said that the video of the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald helped to open his eyes to the problem of institutional racism, as well as the need to look at it objectively. It is clear that the GOP makes a choice not to look at it objectively. Few of them do. The GOP also tends to blame the victim, even when overwhelming evidence (like a video) shows that the officer was wrong.

Pearson was helping with Ted Cruz’s campaign, but broke with them in early November, because Cruz isn’t focusing on issues that affect young people like him.

In short, Pearson went and got himself educated. This is something that an awful lot of adults absolutely refuse to do, particularly adult conservatives.


Featured image via CNN screen capture

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