Ted Nugent: I Like To Sit Naked On The Couch Watching Megyn Kelly (AUDIO)

Ted Nugent has endorsed Donald Trump and what goes best with a Trump endorsement is an endorsement of all of Trump’s petty feuds. The feud Nugent is endorsing today is with Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly, who was apparently mean to Donald Trump, as opposed to doing her job, when she called the billionaire out on his history of misogyny.

Naturally, the defense of misogyny is more misogyny. With Trump, it was implying that Kelly had her period. With Nugent, it got even worse.

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‘I’m a big fan of Donald Trump because I believe in bold, aggressive, unapologetic truth. Period,’ Nugent told WIBX-AM host Bill Keeler. ‘And I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, although I often turn on Fox just to look at her. Sometimes when I’m loading my [gun ammunition] magazines, I like to just look at her. And I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff.”

Source: Raw Story

Here’s the video:

I’m sure that was a lot more than you wanted to know about Nugent’s personal life, but what that does tell us is that for the scary base of the Republican party, no woman, even the most conservative of mouth pieces, is immune from conservative misogyny. In fact, there’s nothing about the entire Megyn Kelly drama that doesn’t stink from misogyny, from both sides of the argument.

Those who are defending Kelly are just as bad as Trump and Nugent, but with a bit more flare. There isn’t a single Republican whose platform doesn’t include making abortions almost impossible to get. There isn’t a single Republican who wants to help single mothers in any sort of real way. There isn’t a single Republican who wants to do anything about the wage gap. If Trump had insulted Hillary Clinton in the same way he insulted Megyn Kelly, we can almost bet that no GOP contender would come to her defense, but since Kelly is a pretty white conservative woman, the Republican Party feels they have to ride to her rescue, like knights in shining armor.

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