Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Response To Trump’s Twitter Attack Will Leave You Gasping (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has unleashed his Twitter rage on everyone except fellow GOP imbecile, Ted Cruz. This is probably because Teddy has consistently kissed Trump’s ass and claimed to agree with disgustingly hateful, xenophobic policies.

Unfortunately, for Cruz, he is no longer safe from the wrath of the walking hairpiece because he reportedly questioned Trump’s (and Ben Carson’s) ability to govern at a recent fundraiser, saying:

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Both of them I like and respect. I don’t believe either one of them is going to be our president…Who am I comfortable having their finger on the button? Now that’s a question of strength, but it’s also a question of judgement. And I think that is a question that is a challenging question for both of them.

Oh shit….Trump, apparently heard about Ted’s bad behavior and attacked him on Twitter.

During a campaign event in Iowa on Friday, Trump called Cruz “anti-Iowa” and also said,”I do like Ted Cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba.”

So how exactly did Cruz respond to the Trumpinator’s attacks? Well, by taking it like a good little boy:

HAHA! What a spineless imbecile! 

If Cruz can’t even stand up to a fellow candidate, what makes the GOP think he can run this country? Oh wait, they don’t, that’s why his poll numbers are so low. 

Featured image via bizpacreview; h/t Winning Democrats

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