Ted Cruz’s DELUSIONAL Campaign Ad Featuring A Fake Hillary Clinton Is Both Funny And Pathetic (VIDEO)

Next Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz heads to Indiana, where many speculate that he and the so-called “Stop Trump” movement will make their final stand against Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump.

Recently, the senator has also used his feud with Trump as an opportunity to slyly attack the Democratic primary frontrunner. The Cruz campaign released “War Room,” an ad featuring a fake Hillary Clinton.

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The two-minute ad takes place in a dark lit strategy room, decorated with a U.S. map, a large whiteboard, shelves with large white file boxes, and a projection screen. The fake Clinton is sitting at a table surrounded by four male advisors and a female surrogate who does all of the talking on her behalf.

The beginning of the ad features Clinton’s advisors showing her all the ammunition she’s going to have against Trump in November.

One advisor informs her that Donald Trump is “paving the way for you to win the White House.”

Our [opposition research] file is ready to go. When our friends in the media release this stuff, he’s toast,” another staffer says.

The ad highlighted Trump’s failed business ventures and described him as someone who plays “fast and loose with the facts.” They then focus on Trump’s controversial abortion comments in which he said that women should be punished for having abortions.

The point is, if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, the White House is yours,” an adviser in the ad says.

The surrogate asks, “What do you mean if?”

One of her aids informs her that the polls indicate Americans want a president they can trust, one that respects the constitution, and has a “proven record” of taking on the establishment. Another aid concludes, “America wants a real leader.”

The agitated surrogate says:

Alright get to the point, who are we talking about here?

They slide the fake Clinton a file, and as she opens it, a holy light shines from what’s inside. The file contains a picture of Ted Cruz.

The Clinton surrogate asks:

How do we stop Ted Cruz?

The aids nervously look around at each other. Prompting the surrogate to lean on the table and repeat, “How do we stop Ted Cruz?”

An aid replies:

I don’t think we can.

The scene concludes with a very agitated fake Clinton looking up from the file before slamming it closed.

They then flash this picture with the caption “Only Ted Cruz can defeat Trump and Clinton.”

ted cruz

Image screengrab via YouTube.

Here’s the video.

This ad portrays Clinton as a bitter, calculating, “holier than thou” figure who’s too good to speak to her lowly aids. They also manage to suggest that Clinton has higher disapproval ratings than Trump.

But it’s the glowing light from Cruz’s photo and the fake Clinton’s fear of running against the Texas senator that puts the ad over the top.

In reality, Hillary Clinton barely mentions Ted Cruz, not because she fears running against him. It’s because he’s utterly irrelevant. And it’s the Republican voters who have deemed him so.

Cruz’s desperation to be feared, to be the shining conservative hero in his private “A Princess Bride” fantasy world, is proof that he’s a sad and very disturbed little man who will never sniff the air of the oval office unless he’s invited by the sitting president.

Featured image via video screen capture

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