Ted Cruz’s Data Mining Hypocrisy: Protect Your Data From Feds, Give It To Me Instead

Ted Cruz (R-TX), who initially set himself up as a “privacy” candidate, has data mined up to 61,000 of his supporters. Hypocrisy runs thick in the GOP, but this is a spectacularly low level to have sunk to, even for them.

Instead of a government that seizes your emails and your cellphones, imagine a federal government that protected the privacy rights of every American.

The above quote, from the beginning of Cruz’ campaign, shows just exactly how much of a flim-flam job Cruz is pulling on his supporters. It is not uncommon for any of the candidates to have an app, in fact, most do. However, as Gawker reported, none is more invasive than Ted Cruz’s “Cruz Crew” app.

Not only is he framing himself as a privacy politician, and data mining his followers anyway, he is the most invasive one of them — hypocrisy thy name is Ted (Rafael) Cruz.

Here is the kicker: he isn’t even keeping the data that he is taking private, he sends it to a company so that they can create specific profiles of Cruz supporters and tailor each commercial, each message, down to the PERSONALITY PROFILE of each sub-group of supporters.

They tell him what people are scared of, what they like, what kind of advertising is effective and even how people talk — all so that he can spread a very filtered representation of himself tailored exactly to what people want, depending on who he is talking to at the time. Just like any used car salesman, really, saying what they want to hear.

That is an awful lot of faces for one politician to wear.

The British company, Cambridge Analytica, that Cruz is sharing data with is owned in part by New York hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, who also happens to be Ted Cruz’s most generous donor. Over 4 million dollars, in the last year, has been paid to Cambridge Analytica by the Cruz campaign and outside groups who support Cruz for the best information on how to look and act to get votes.

Cambridge Analytica specializes in voters’ “psychographic score.” This score includes all of the data Ted Cruz would protect, even credit scores, church affiliation, employment, income, spending habits, what Facebook posts you have liked, even data about your grocery habits — basically everything about all 240 million Americans who are eligible to vote.

Kinda looks like creeper Cruz is basically looking in windows and digging through garbage cans to make sure he says what Conservatives want to hear.

Can you imagine the uproar if the Feds had access to your data like this? Oh, wait, Ted Cruz is running to be the top Fed using the same information he doesn’t want any fed to have, irony.

This is the height of hypocrisy, at the very least, disingenuous, but the super moral Cruz is using this private data to promote himself to his followers as the guy next door, literally, and honestly it would be easy to do since he is essentially peeping on them. Chris Wilson, the campaign’s Digital Director said, “analytics gives the campaign a roadmap for everything we do.”

Surely, this indicates that his is not the “mission-driven” campaign he would like us to believe — unless his mission is to say what people want to hear. Cruz says and does whatever the analytics tell him fundies want to hear and see, and in whatever tone will be most effective, even if it goes against what he tells people he stands for.

All in all, it appears that Cruz says and does whatever the analytics tell him fundies want to hear and see, and in whatever tone will be most effective, even if it goes against what he tells people he stands for.

Like data mining his supporters, sharing their information with his donors’ company, and using it for what appears to be manipulative purposes despite running on the platform of a government that supports and protects your privacy. How else can he keep his base terrified enough to vote Republican?

Folks, this is the state of the GOP, and it is a sad state indeed.

Feature image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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