Ted Cruz’s Adult Movie Debut ‘Cruzin For Bush’ May Not Happen But The Proposal Is A Laugh Riot

Ted Cruz has a chance to make an easy million while fulfilling one of his life-long dreams: playing a role in a “tit film.” The million would go towards his other life-long dream of becoming President of the United States. Yeah, you can go ahead and laugh a little, or a lot.

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Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment took notice of the video of a young Ted Cruz rattling off his aspirations. So, he wrote the Republican presidential candidate to make him an offer he will absolutely refuse (sigh of relief) – but we can giggle about it, anyway.

The adult entertainment executive says in a letter to Cruz for President:

I saw the video you made years ago talking about your future aspirations. I noticed one goal was to be a porn star and I want to give you the chance to do just that. Vivid Entertainment is the leader in celeb sex tapes and at least for now you’re a celeb! Wanna make a movie?

Oh yes, this really did happen!

The filmmaker continues:

I think it would do well, but let’s strike while the iron is hot. Who knows how much longer you’ll be out there so the time is now. I will donate 1-million dollars to your campaign through any Super Pac you want.

We can take a guess that, even with the million dollar donation offer, Hirsch isn’t placing any bets that Cruz will be president.

But wait, those aren’t the only zingers in this letter. Hirsch tells Cruz he can pick his own co-stars but they have already selected the title, “Cruzin for Bush,” and that the film can be shot in Ted’s “home country of Canada!”

You can read the full letter, here.

So far, the Cruz for President campaign has not responded.

Featured image via Flickr/DonkeyHotey (Modified)

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