Ted Cruz Tries To Grandstand About Muslims, Homeland Security Head Shuts Him Down. Hard. (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz tried his damnedest to grandstand about Muslims today, but the head of Homeland Security shut him down. Hard.

At a Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, Cruz went in full force on Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson over the Obama administration’s alleged scrubbing of references to jihad, Islamic terrorism, and Muslims from terror-related documents. Cruz confronted Johnson with the fact that the DHS chose not to attend a recent hearing on the matter and then asked Johnson if the claims of a former employee who said the White House had scrubbed those references were true.

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“I have no idea,” Johnson replied.

Cruz continued to press, prompting Johnson to obviously become annoyed and finally lose his patience with the failed presidential candidate.

Senator, I find this whole debate to be very interesting. But I have to tell you, when I was at the Department of Defense, giving the legal sign off on a lot of drone strikes, I didn’t particularly care whether the baseball card said Islamic extremist or violent extremist. I think this is very interesting, but it makes no difference to me in terms of who we need to go after, who is determined to attack our homeland.

The other point I’d like to make sir, is that, and I have to think in practical terms in homeland security. I think this is all very interesting, makes for good political debate. But in practical terms, if we, in our efforts here in the homeland, start giving the Islamic State the credence that they want, to be referred to as part of Islam or some form of Islam, we will get no where in our efforts to build bridges with Muslim communities. Which we need to do in this current enviroment right now, that includes homegrown violent extremists.

At this point, Cruz decided to butt in and try to cut him off, but Johnson wasn’t having it.

Hold on just a second please,” Johnson said, raising his hand to hush Cruz. “They all tell me that, ‘ISIL has hijacked my religion.’ And it is critical that we bring these people to our side to do this.

Watch Johnson shut Cruz down in the video below. He gets fed up with the Texas senator at around 3:00:

Featured image via video screen capture

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