Crazy Ted Cruz Totally Unaware His ISIS Strategy Is The SAME As Obama’s Plan

With Donald Trump continuously making up crazy sh*t in order to bring back the Third Reich and Ben Carson imploding into one big hot mess, we sometimes forget that Ted Cruz was the original crazy Republican running for president. But now moving into second place in recent polls, Ted Cruz will definitely be trying to out-trump Trump.

During his tenure as a radical Tea Party Senator and during his campaign for President, Ted Cruz has consistently been the most Baracknaphobic and critical of President Obama. Much like all the other do-nothing Grand Old Obstructionists suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome, Cruz claims Obama hasn’t gotten anything right. Further, he claims he’d do the complete opposite, particularly when it comes to dealing with ISIS and international terrorism. For example, Ted Cruz recently unveiled his new plan to defeat ISIS.

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The only major problem is that he’s totally unaware that his plan is virtually identical to President Obama’s current strategy against ISIS. In the words of former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Oops.

If I am elected president, I will direct the Department of Defense to destroy ISIS, Cruz posted via Twitter.

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Maybe he was too busy denying climate change to realize it, but President Obama’s current plan also consists of directing the Department of Defense to destroy ISIS. Hypocritically enough, Cruz is among the congressional Republicans who are vying to block Obama’s efforts to do just that. But lets all join President Obama in a nice laugh at this very disturbed man’s expense.

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