Ted Cruz Thinks Taxes Are Bad Because Tax Code Is Longer Than The Bible

Let it not be said that Ted Cruz is not a great sideshow to the Republican debates this election cycle. Tonight, Cruz went off about how evil the IRS and taxes in general are, by comparing them to a holy book.

Cruz said that the U.S. tax code is bad, because it has more words in it than the Bible. Ted is saying nothing can be “better” than the Bible, which I guess includes a set of encyclopedias. Who needs them anyway?

A simplified tax code, which might be convenient, will do nothing to help the middle class if it is not also progressive. Every Republican, not just Cruz, advocates for a flat tax while preserving “charitable deductions” which is essentially a rich person’s giveaway.

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In the end this simply hurts the poor and middle class by giving more money to the rich who do nothing with it. Couple this with a consumption-based tax, which increases the cost of literally everything you buy, and it will absolutely crater the economy. It will cause massive job losses by discouraging consumption and killing demand for work. Really though, when your tax policy is only based on making the word count shorter than the Bible it completely disqualifies you from any level of adult debate and proves you are simply not serious about real tax reform.

Featured Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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