Ted Cruz Accuses Boehner Of Resigning To Conspire with Obama–Calls Obama “The Terminator”

When news broke of Speaker of the House John Boehner tendering his resignation, effective October 30th, it was like chum in the water for the Tea Party Sharks. Worst so far has been the comments from looney uncle Ted Cruz.

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Cruz is suggesting that Boehner will land a “cushy k street job” after he joins the Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s remaining priorities. The only logical way that anything could be done by Boehner alone is to allow things to come up for a vote in the house. Due to the Tea Party jamboree that is currently on display there, nothing will get passed, so nobody really understands where Cruz is getting his “facts”. The problem is that if this does actually happen, many Tea Partiers and the few Republicans that remain there will be on record voting against things. This will be inconvenient for factual political attack ads against them.

I am no fan of Boehner for pandering as long as he has to the rabid elements of his House. However, what options did he have left? Shut down the government again? Be recorded as one of the worst Speakers in history? Or, should he fall on his sword and go out preventing another government shut down over the already-debunked Planned Parenthood spectacle?

Cruz is seriously giving Donald Trump a run for his money as the worst Republican carnival barker who has ever existed. Not only did he accuse Boehner of conspiring with Obama,  he also compared Obama to “The Terminator”:

The reason why Republicans always lose these fights is because Republicans assume Barack Obama is the Terminator—he will never stop, he will never give up—and Republicans surrender at the outset.

Source: Daily Signal

It has been 7 years of unprecedented obstruction by Republicans at every turn. If this is what Cruz thinks we will consider “surrender”, the man must literally be too stupid to understand how idiotic he sounds in the real world. I can’t wait to hear him in the next debate talking about how he wants to “unite” the country as president.

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