Ted Cruz has Painting of Ted Cruz in Ted Cruz’s Office (VIDEO)

There are a lot of words one can use to describe Senator Ted Cruz.  One word that does not come to mind is humble. Despite his wishes for you to believe otherwise, Senator Cruz has one of the most obnoxious paintings of himself plastered on his office wall.

The painting depicts then-lawyer Ted Cruz standing in front of the Supreme Court.  Cruz argued that Texas was free to back out of a legal settlement in which it had vowed to improve health care services for poor children. He lost the case for Texas 9-0.

According to Cruz, the painting of himself is to keep himself humble.

During an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Cruz stated, “We didn’t have a prayer (in front of the Supreme Court).  We were not going to win that case.  I stood up, and for 30 minutes, there was not a single friendly question.

I have always liked the fact that I sit in my office, and I look at a giant painting of me getting my tail whipped 9-0.  And it is very good for instilling humility.”

Apparently, the painting is not working, as Cruz is one of the most bloviated gasbag politicians in Washington today. Even when Cruz was just 32 years old, he was still fighting to make the lives of poor children worse.  If Senator Cruz truly experienced humility, he would have realized how wrong that side of the argument was awful and switched his position.  Instead, he decided to immortalize himself with a painting and continue down his horrible path.

Watch the video about Ted Cruz’s painting on the Colbert Report below.

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