Ted Cruz Has A Sad: He Was Frozen Out Of Kentucky Bigotpalooza (VIDEO)

Poor Ted can’t get ANYONE to take him seriously. Not even the completely farcical and non-serious Mike Huckabee and the rest of his asshat jamboree. Ted tried to inject himself into the unveiling of post-jail Kim Davis, and was completely blocked by Huck’s security detail.

This was our event. We had no idea Ted Cruz was going to show up until the day before and he didn’t call us. He called several other people on the program and asked about it.

Source: Raw Story

Reports say that Cruz was “incredulous” after he was forced to sit at the kids’ table during the event. Poor Ted, his parents never told him “no” enough when he was young. For our Republican readers, incredulous means he couldn’t believe that he got denied.

This picture sums it up better than words ever will be able to do.

Is that Ted Cruz?

Is that Ted Cruz? Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Let me blow that up for you

Poor Ted

Poor Ted. Photo: Custom Image for If You Only News.

To sum it up, Huckabee said that Ted could not just invite himself to Huckabee’s event and then basically crash the stage for the cameras. This is actually not an unreasonable statement from Huck, since anyone of sound mind would also do everything they could to prevent Ted Cruz from being in their physical proximity.

Featured via Twitter screen capture

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