Ted Cruz Forgets To Sign Up For Health Insurance, And Of Course It’s All Obama’s Fault

Ted Cruz has announced that he and his family have lost their health care coverage. Whose fault do you think it is? Who Else? Thanks, Obama!

According to the GOP candidate, his family’s health insurance is gone, and all because of that national travesty that allowed millions of people to have medical insurance, Obamacare.

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On Thursday, Cruz told a New Hampshire audience all about how the evil Affordable Care Act, which he has promised to repeal on his first day in office, took away his health insurance.

I’ll tell you, you know who one of those millions of Americans is who’s lost their health care because of Obamacare? That would be me,” Cruz said. “I don’t have health care right now.

In reality though, the blame for Ted Cruz’s lack of coverage has nothing to do with Obamacare at all. He doesn’t have insurance because he’s a dumbass who couldn’t manage to fill out the paperwork in time to sign up for coverage.

Thanks to a nifty little clause added into the ACA, members of Congress and their staff have to get their insurance from the same health exchanges as their constituents.

In 2015, Cruz was covered by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. The carrier announced that they would no longer have individual PPO plans for 2016, and would instead only have HMO plans. Not entirely a disaster for those covered by the carrier, because to keep coverage after Dec. 31 all you had to do was pick a new plan and sign up for it.

So our health care got canceled, we got a notice in the mail, Blue Cross Blue Shield was leaving the market. And so we’re in the process of finding another policy,” Cruz said to the New Hampshire crowd.

So surely this must mean that the notice which came in the mail didn’t give him enough time to get the proper paperwork filed so he could maintain his family’s health insurance coverage. Right? Nope.

That notice went out way back on July 23rd, giving Cruz five full months to do what everybody else covered by BlueCross BlueShield managed to pull off, and sign his name on the damn dotted line.

Not to worry, if Cruz can find the time to make a phone call or two before Jan. 31st, his family could once again be covered as soon as March 1st.

So our health care got canceled, we got a notice in the mail, Blue Cross Blue Shield was leaving the market. And so we’re in the process of finding another policy,” Cruz said. “I hope by the end of the month we’ll have a policy for our family. But our premiums — we just got a quote, our premiums are going up 50 percent. That’s happening all over the country. That’s happening in New Hampshire.

Here’s another shocker, that increase of 50 percent he mentioned? Yup, that’s bullshit too. The highest increase of premiums in Texas stands at 34 percent, and that’s only one small carrier. In fact, the rates for many carriers, including BlueCross BlueShield, actually went down.

It seems that his wife knows whose fault it is that her family finds themselves with no health insurance coverage, and it sure isn’t Obama she’s putting the blame on.

By the way, when you let your health insurance policy lapse, your wife gets really ticked at you,” Cruz remarked. “It’s not a good — I’ve had, shall we say, some intense conversations with Heidi on that.

Sorry Ted, but you can’t place the blame on Obama for this one. It’s nobody’s fault but your own.

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