Ted Cruz’ Father Ignores REAL Problems, Worries Instead About Freedom Of What He Can Buy

Rafael Cruz, the father of would-be ‘Christian’ president, Ted Cruz, has some words for Americans about all the freedoms we’re losing. The elder Cruz would have a unique view of freedom, having escaped the Batista regime in Cuba and coming to America. He was also disillusioned with what Cuba became after Castro took control, and has been making his case for freedom all over the U.S. because of that.

The problem is, while he says that Americans don’t know how fragile our freedoms are, he doesn’t even seem to know what freedoms we have here. According to Right Wing Watch, Rafael appeared on the Jan Mickelson Show to share stories about why he left Cuba in the first place, and that’s where he started talking about America’s imperiled freedoms.

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When asked just which freedoms are in danger, however, he didn’t mention freedom of speech or of religion, as we might have expected him to. Oh, no. Instead, he said that the freedom to buy things like incandescent light bulbs is in danger, thanks to the EPA. You can’t buy whatever toilet seat you want, either, and the Clean Air Act is going to regulate the puddles you can or cannot have in your own backyard. On your own property, people!

By the way, it’s not the Clean Air Act, it’s the Clean Water Act, and that is a myth that has been thoroughly debunked. Rafael doesn’t care, though, because it’s a talking point that furthers the Republican Party’s crusade against the EPA.

In other words, Rafael Cruz is one of those people who thinks that American freedom is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and how you want, regardless of potential consequences to others, to society or to the world. Yep, the fact that incandescent light bulbs are on their way out is a perfect example of the loss of American freedom.

Let’s not forget, America is the greatest country on Earth, despite our lagging education system, our skyrocketing level of wealth inequality, our ever-growing corporate monopolies, our sky-high incarceration rate, our sorry “leadership” on anything to do with the environment, and more.

The truth is, the right’s insistence on holding onto things like incandescent light bulbs is evidence of our lack of world leadership on environmental issues, and hints at the one massive problem that prevents us from being world leaders in pretty much any area at all that matters. There’s a much, much larger picture to consider when it comes to energy efficiency and the environment, but Rafael Cruz is worried about how we’ll soon be unable to buy incandescent light bulbs here.

We have a severe problem with institutional racism leading police to needlessly shoot black people, and Rafael Cruz is worried that we’re getting rid of incandescent light bulbs. Our healthcare system, despite the ACA, is still a horrible, expensive mess, and Rafael Cruz is worried about toilet seats. We have a terrible issue with a crumbling infrastructure, the fixing and proper maintenance of which would create tons of jobs, and economic mobility and growth, and Rafael Cruz is worried about what he can find on the shelves of hardware stores.

If this is what Rafael Cruz thinks freedom is, he’s got a thing or two to learn. Unfortunately, he’s out stumping for his son, who wants to be president. We actually have someone who’s been instrumental and influential in a presidential candidate’s life saying things like this.

The idea that American freedom means you can do whatever you want and damn the consequences needs to die. And people like Rafael Cruz need to educate themselves before talking about freedom.


Featured image by Michael Vadon – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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