Ted Cruz Fails Constitution 101, Says An Atheist ‘Isn’t Fit To Be President’

In Article VI, paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution, it states:

…but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Also known as the ‘No Religious Test Clause,’ the Constitution (and thus the founders of this nation) knew that a person’s personal religious identification should not disqualify them from being anything they wanted to be, at least in an elected position.

Apparently the Harvard Law graduate, Supreme Court clerk turned Solicitor General and United States Senator from Texas Ted Cruz doesn’t seem to understand that. The self-defined “constitutionalist” seems to think that anyone who isn’t a Christian should not be President of the United States.

At the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa, while appearing with other GOP contenders and figureheads, Kevin Swanson, an extremist pastor, introduced the United States Senator from Texas on stage and asked him a very weird and seemingly inappropriate question: should candidates submit to Jesus Christ as “the king of the President of the United States.”

Cruz’s response was exactly what you think it would be:

Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this country.

Any President whose name is Ted Cruz isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this country.

So now we have a candidate who says Muslims aren’t fit to be president, and another who says atheists aren’t fit to be president. What’s next? Women? Gays? Hispanics?

If an atheist (or even a Muslim) promises to uphold the Constitution and keep the wall between church and state high and wide, they get my vote. If you have a Christian who proclaims that their religious doctrine is the fundamental law of the land (and not the Constitution) you will never get my vote.

In essence, I would rather have an atheist as president than Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Mike Huckabee for that matter.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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