Ted Cruz Defies Logic In Bizarre Comparison Between Sex, LGBTQ Equality, And ISIS

What is it with the religious right and sex? They seem to enjoy pointing at the left and claiming that we’re obsessed with sex for all sorts of insane reasons. One of the more recent examples of this obsession comes from The New York Timeswhich has singled out Ted Cruz for this. Earlier this week, Cruz said that the left must be obsessed with sex because we’re trying to push for marriage equality at a time when ISIS is executing homosexuals. What does one have to do with the other, and what does either have to do with sex?

Well, on a planet like the one Ted Cruz inhabits, it’s completely logical. To everyone on that planet, being LGBTQ is entirely about sex, and not about who you are. They don’t care who people have sex with (oh, who are we kidding, of course they do), but they care when LGBTQ activists try to force that “lifestyle” on everyone else.

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Cruz took Sen. Tom Cotton’s illogical logic—that people should get some perspective on LGBTQ rights and equality because those people are getting beheaded in Iran—and drew out the ISIS comparison. Perhaps he’s extending the above logic further, to say that ISIS is executing homosexuals, and so homosexuals here should go back in the closet, lest we end up overrun by ISIS, who will then execute them and anybody who stood up for them.

So really, if you stand on your head, twist around and look over your left shoulder cross-eyed, while balancing a stack of plates full of bananas on your right foot, you might start to see where Cruz is coming from. But really, Cruz and others on the religious right are the ones who are obsessed with sex, because they’re the ones who want to push everything from restrictions on birth control methods to abstinence-only sex education, to so-called “religious freedom” laws that allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community, all because sex is “icky” to them.

Or it could be considerably more difficult to figure out their insane idiocy when it comes to sex. Regardless, they’re the ones obsessed with it, far more than the left is.

Featured image by Jane Wyman. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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