Ted Cruz ‘Defends’ Wife After Donald Trump Threatens Her On Twitter (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Apparently Donald Trump’s resounding loss in Utah, where a picture of his wife’s nude spread in G.Q. magazine was used to galvanize the Mormon base against him, pissed him off so much that he tweeted a threat at Ted Cruz’s wife. This tweet apparently torqued ol’ Teddy too, who responded today on CNN.

To be fair, Cruz didn’t actually start this, an anti-Donald Trump Super PAC, Make America Awesome ran the ads. Also being fair, the ads directly asked people to vote for Cruz, and to my knowledge Cruz hasn’t really disavowed the ads. So his whiny complaint that Trump is attempting to “sully” his wife rings hollow since he seemingly has no problem with people sullying Trump’s wife.

Well, whatever beans Trump has to spill on Ted Cruz’s wife and oracle, Ted doesn’t seem concerned. In fact, he was quick to point out that his wife was raised by missionaries (which apparently has given her immunity to any future sins committed) so obviously Donald is a big dummy head.

To be clear, slut-shaming a candidate’s wife has no place in politics.

The GOP’s no-holds-barred contest has  already been  marred by a penis/hand size measuring contests, threats, encouragement of physical violence, and professional wrestling level name calling and screaming matches… come to think of it, perhaps we should have expected the women to start being dragged into it.

This election closely resembles the script to a classic 90s WWF match, now down to bringing in the insults against their opponents “woman.” What’s next? Leotards?

Now we have Cruz beating his chest in defense of his wife because she is a good person by osmosis due to her parent’s religious work and Trump has no ammo that will stick. Besides, this isn’t about Heidi anyway, deflected Cruz, it is about the “cowardly” Trump’s loss in Utah — which made him angry:

When Donald gets scared, when he gets angry, when he gets threatened, he begins yelling, and screaming. He begins, often, cursing. and he begins trying to be a ‘bully.’

Meanwhile, Trump threatens other women with vague existential destruction if people don’t leave his wife alone. Yet another pissing contest among the GOP contenders showing us all that they don’t know how to be presidential.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5aZc3DeOoQ&w=854&h=480]

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