Cruz Campaign Sends ‘Dropping Out’ Email–Then Begs For Money To Stay In

Ted Cruz isn’t very well-known for his honesty. From the changing of his name from Rafael to something more bigot-friendly to his hard-lined religious views on just about everything, Cruz is willing to be deceptive to get what he wants. His latest ploy was en e-mail that sent rumors of his campaign coming to an end far and wide.

This was the subject line people saw in their inboxes Tuesday morning:

Screen Capture, from SunTimes

Screen Capture, from the Sun Times

Of course, it was just a fundraiser. Playing on the recent quitting of Scott Walker — the Koch Brothers chosen candidate, this email was successful in raising eyebrows for sure. Loyal Cruz supporters must have been devastated. Of course it was just a marketing technique, but let’s face it — he uses deceptive practices like many of his opponents and fellow Republicans use bronzer. Thickly and without any shame.

The email itself was sent from Ted’s wife Heidi’s account:

I talked with Ted late last night, and he asked me to update you first thing this morning. Friend, we’re still amost $200,000 short of our end of quarter goal. If we can’t close the gap — Washington insiders will gleefully use disappointing numbers as a reason to rip Ted apart. Cruz’s wife then asks for a donation of $250, $50 or $35.

He has tried similar misleading headlines several times in the last week, including one time that he rented out The Daily Caller’s contact book to be able to spam even more people with his deceptive fundraising emails.

This is not the kind of man anyone would want in charge of the local flea market, let alone the country. Deception used as a campaign strategy is nothing new, but this blatant use of lowball tactics shows that this “smart man” honestly does not believe his supporters are smart enough to see through it, or that Cruz knows that without deception he has no chance to win.

Sadly enough, the 6th place contender is not actually dropping out. His delusions of a Cruz presidency haven’t quite run their course just yet.

Please remember, friends don’t let friends vote republican!

Just for fun, here is a short vid of Ted Cruz morphing into something much better for you, a pile of Twinkies:

Feature image via Flikr

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