Ted Cruz Cries About Obama’s SCOTUS Pick: He’s The Kind Of ‘Moderate Trump Would Pick’

Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, criticized Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, saying Merrick Garland is just the kind of “moderate” judge his competitor, Donald Trump, would choose.

The Cruz campaign issued a statement, which read:

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Merrick Garland is exactly the type of Supreme Court nominee you get when you make deals in Washington D.C. A so-called ‘moderate’ Democrat nominee is precisely the kind of deal that Donald Trump has told us he would make – someone who would rule along with other liberals on the bench like Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor.

Make no mistake, if Garland were confirmed, he would side predictably with President Obama on critical issues such as undermining the Second Amendment, legalizing partial-birth abortion, and propping up overreaching bureaucratic agencies like the EPA and the IRS. We cannot afford to lose the Supreme Court for generations to come by nominating or confirming someone that a dealmaker like Donald Trump would support. Washington dealmakers cannot be trusted with such crucial lifetime appointments.

President Obama announced on Wednesday that he had chosen Garland as his nominee for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia.

Republicans wasted no time admonishing Obama’s choice to name a nominee and renewed their vow to block his pick. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated the promise of senate Republicans to filibuster Obama’s nominee, refusing to even consider giving him a hearing.

Republicans have insisted since Scalia’s death that Obama should not make a nomination, and say instead he should leave the seat empty until the next president is elected in November. McConnell and all his conservative cronies have stated over and over that the people should have a voice, which is why the nomination should wait, and they say they will block any nomination made in the meantime. Right-wingers are somehow oblivious to the fact the people had a voice twice in the past eight years, and both times they chose Obama.

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