F*ck U Carly: Ted Cruz Blames Marco Rubio For Loss Because He Turned Down Carly Fiorina’s VP Spot (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jack Tapper reports that Ted Cruz’s top advisers remain convinced that their candidate could have defeated Donald Trump had a certain Florida senator joined the ticket as opposed to Carly Fiorina.

The unnamed Cruz officials blamed Marco Rubio for not coming aboard and becoming their candidate’s second mate on the ill-fated “Cruz ship,” that managed to crash against the rocks in spectacular fashion.

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Cruz’s people managed to test the impact of a potential Cruz/Rubio ticket, by running polls in five primary states: Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The results were astounding:

Blowout,” said a source close to Cruz. “65%-35%,” with Trump losing.

Campaign officials tried to reach Rubio through friends and emissaries, but Cruz could not reach the Florida senator by phone. Others reported back to the Cruz campaign that Rubio wasn’t interested in discussing the ticket at all.

He went off the grid,” said a source close to Cruz. Cruz campaign officials speculated that Rubio was interested in preserving his political viability for a contested GOP convention or the 2020 race.

One source said that Rubio did not see the benefit of having D.C. politicians teaming up to take down the billionaire because the scenario would fit too well with Trump’s outsider narrative.

Rubio also didn’t think another Cuban-American freshman senator would have helped Cruz’s ticket.

And finally, Rubio felt that the nominee should have the freedom to pick the person they want at the convention and not be bound to a choice so early in the process.

When Cruz, received a “dead cat bounce” in the polls after announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate, a source says that Rubio felt he had made the right choice.

It would seem that the odd woman out in all of this is Cruz’s former vice presidential running mate Carly Fiorina. The former HP Executive went to bat for Cruz, tirelessly campaigning, singing to his children, even falling off a stage to support her running mate.

And after all of the time and energy she spent on his campaign, she now finds out that his political heart belonged to another. Not only that, but she has to wonder if she was his second or maybe even his third or fourth choice?

As usual, Twitter was quick to point out the extent of Fiorina’s humiliation.

Twitter was also swift to rain down condemnation on Cruz for blaming his defeat on Rubio.

Now that Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, the GOP finds itself in the middle of a Civil War; leaving conservative pundits to speculate what could have been, and voters to worry about what will come should America wake up on November 7th to find that Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States.

Featured image mashup via YouTube and attribution Chip Somodevilla/Getty.

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