Tea Party Supports Terrorist Robert Dear: ‘Babies Can’t Shoot Back’

A writer for the Tea Party Tribune penned a hateful and bigoted article that appears to blame the Colorado Springs’ Planned Parenthood attack by a fellow right-wing nutjob, Robert Dear, on fetuses being unarmed. Either that or this troglodyte is actually blaming the carnage on women’s rights. Yes, as in actually justifying this attack.

In his opening paragraph, he puts down liberals, praises Texas, and attacks Obama — even wondering if Obama’s “son would have looked like Dear.” Not shocking, we really don’t expect intelligent discourse from people who wear beverage packets on their hats.

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Even while this anti-American piece of sh*t claims that the jury is still out on Dear’s “political affiliation,” they acknowledge that he was, in fact, of the Tea Party ilk.

This guy lived out in the east in some kind of cabin with no toilette or internet, then came to Colorado to do the exact same thing, and found a chick to live with him! Runs around spouting anti-Obama stuff, and handing out leaflets. The police are looking for a motive. You think?

When will they admit that their own hate-mongering, lie-filled, bottom-feeding, hateful “Party” breeds domestic terrorists? When will they start giving out Tea Bag pins instead of American Flag pins?

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It is clear that this breeding ground of incestuous, hateful bile and anti-intellectualism produces worse scourges than plague rats: they are not for America, they are “for” only themselves.

Out of one side of his face, the author gently calls the terrorist a “nut,” the other side sure sounds like justifying the actions of the terrorist.

Only a nut goes and shoots strangers, but let’s peel the onion, shall we. Look at the onion he peeled. Planned Parenthood. You know, those nice folks who like to sell baby parts to the highest bidder. Yeah, them guys. It really throws a monkey wrench in the gears when someone spills blood on the floor of an abortion clinic, now doesn’t it? How offended would you be if body parts were “harvested” from the three casualties in Colorado Springs? That made you mad, didn’t it?

Has this inbred half-wit never heard of ORGAN DONORS? Mad? No, disgusted, darkly amused and motivated, perhaps, but not “mad.” F*ck this vile imbecile, and all who stand with him.

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Conservatives romanticize and encourage the murderous hatred of doctors and women based on arbitrary religious ideas, party lines, and lack of facts, like this POS GOP-Tea loser:

Of course, Planned Parenthood harped on “women’s health,” but what about unborn health? It’s the usual debate about when life begins, and that’s always a bit fuzzy, but the clinics sure know how to end it, and they know how to keep the “fetus” viable if it be female until they can “harvest” the eggs in the ovaries (ya’ll didn’t know that, did you?) transplanting them to Lesbian couples wishing to raise another little Bruce Gender. Is that enough abominations in one sentence for you?

This is what we are up against. The inept, insane, and unreasonable hatred of women, homosexuals, the transgendered and science. This is the kind of cheerleaders we have egged the RWNJ terrorists on.

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This isn’t about the “onion” of Planned Parenthood, this is about the multi-faceted piece of puss-filled, ebola-laced decaying medical waste that is the Tea Party.

This politically motivated and uber-partisan stink-fest actually blames the LEGISLATION giving women the right to control their own bodies for the tragedy instead of the actual killer.

As Tea Party people we simply must change the playing field. We must stop the murder of the innocents. America will never pay for the sin of all the murdered little fellas who were “harvested” while we sat on the porch theorized (SIC). We will never wash all of their blood from our hands. But one fact remains. Babies can’t shoot back!

The only actual blood on your hands, you ingrate, is that of the people who were murdered at that clinic that either you felt were justifiable homicides or you just don’t value as highly as that of an unviable fetus that you claim has the same rights as any one of them (pro-life my a$$). Hypocrisy level: GOP.

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NOTE: To read this inflammatory stupidity (15 minutes of your life you won’t get back), please use this link: Babies Can’t Shoot Back Article (for more about this link)

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