Study Finds Tea Party ‘Not Racist’ – Debunked In 4 Minutes Flat (Screencaps)

The Wall Street Journal, known for it’s…ahem…unbiased reporting recently released a Fox…ahem…News video about a PhD candidate from UCLA who conducted a study on the Tea Party.  Her conclusion?  The Tea Party is only 6% racist.

One could contend that 6% in and of itself discredits the “Not Racist” headline, but since the journalistic integrity of the WSJ isn’t in question, because they have none,  my focus was on the study itself and the “scientific method.”

The study, which is part of the candidates dissertation, is fairly simple.  Far too simple.  She went to a Tea Party rally and took pictures of roughly 250 signs, categorized them, separated what she considered controversial, coming to the conclusion that a mere 6% of Tea Partiers are racists.

I’m no Ph.D candidate, surely, but I figured there may be a way to confirm these findings.  Is it possible that people might be a little leery of overtly racist signs in public where they know they’ll be scrutinized?  What are the chances that there were people there without signs, was their opinion included in the study?  If only there were a public forum you could go to and read comments by actual people and not just the signs of the few who were brave enough to try to spell “constitution.”

In under four minutes I had my answer.  I went to that thing Ph.D candidates apparently haven’t heard of yet called ‘Google’ and searched “Tea Party Ferguson.”  Some might argue it’s unfair to be so specific, but I figured if you’re going to ascertain the general racism or lack thereof of a particular demographic, it would probably be conducive to the cause to see how they respond when race is actually the issue.

Color me silly, I know.

I was directed to the Facebook page “Tea Party”, which has more than 388,000 likes.  The post I studied was a link to a story titled “Civil Rights Movement Heralds a Thug.”  In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, “thug” is what right-wingers have chosen as their non-reportable politically incorrect replacement for the “n” word.

That was only the beginning.  The comments are where the action happens.  Of the 207 comments I found fourteen to be from liberals with a “shame on you” theme, fifty-seven to be innocuous enough, in support of police without mention of anything else, and the rest, one hundred and thirty-six, to be what I would consider controversial.  Of those, sixty-four were blatantly racist.

My conclusions were slightly different. Nearly 66% of Tea Partiers can be considered racist.  Almost 40% so incredibly obvious about it there can be no question.

Hopefully the dissertation itself that presents these facts laughable observations offers some other form of empirical data to support the claim.  Those of us who have spent any amount of time in the underbelly of Facebook offering our opinions only to be ridiculed as unpatriotic commies by people who truly love their country to hate know better.

The video that reported the findings included a slide show of the not-so-racist Tea Party signs in question.  In keeping with that tradition I’ve included some screencaps of my own findings for reasonable people to be disgusted by.

race1 race2 race3 race4 race5 race6 race7 race8 race9 race9a race9b

Featured image: Screengrab from the Facebook page Tea Party –

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