Tea Party Darling Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Death Blow’ To The American Dream

In a new interview with Katie Couric, Marco Rubio goes on the attack. His target? Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rubio accuses Clinton of being stuck in the 20th century and claimed that she’d be a “death blow” to the elusive American Dream.

If we don’t begin to address 21st century problems with 21st century ideas, we’re going to leave millions of people behind permanently,” Rubio said. “We can’t afford that. That would be a death blow to the American dream.

Ohhhhhh, the irony!!!

Rubio, a Tea Party favorite, is well-known for his anti-science, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-everything that makes sense policies. That’s why the most extreme faction of the Republican Party adores him!

He gives us all a perfect example of how his policies are stuck in the 20th century when he makes his position on abortion clear to Couric:

I recognize that it’s a very difficult issue. I’ve never claimed that it’s an easy issue. You have a young girl who’s 16 years old and becomes pregnant, she’s scared to death. And I understand what a difficult and painful issue… and I recognize the arguments that the other side makes on it. I just personally believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of our law.

Didn’t the Supreme Court rule that women have a right to choose in the 20th century? Yet, Rubio wants to bring us back to the back room coat hanger abortions that were common pre Roe v. Wade.

He calls Hillary a ‘death blow’ to the American Dream, but the American Dream was dead the minute the Republican Party put corporations before people. The American Dream ceased to exist when the Republican Party destroyed the middle class with their one percent loving policies.

The only party leaving millions of Americans behind is the Republican Party. They are the ones who deprive the poor and middle class, women, immigrants, children, college students, and the LGBT community of the American dream — basically anyone who isn’t a rich, white, conservative “Christian” male — and somehow manage to claim they aren’t intolerant with a straight face.

Rubio is a good mouth piece for the GOP because he is Latino and the party can say,”Look! We are inclusive!” But all of their policies protect a very specific type of person, and it sure isn’t the Latino guy.

The Right is obviously feeling very threatened by Clinton, and every time they attack her, they prove just how scared they are.

Get your popcorn ready, 2016 is going to be quite a show.

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