Tea Party Congressman Tells Obama To Stop Quoting The Bible Because It Belongs To The GOP (AUDIO)

The joke for years among some on the left has been that the letters “G-O-P” stand for “God’s Own Party.” Now a Virginia congressman has come out and basically said just that.

David Brat is the congressman who defeated then House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, in a primary in 2014 and went on to win the seat in his central Virginia district. Listening to Brat for just a few minutes will bring up a severe case of nostalgia for Mr. Whiny Bitchface Cantor.

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Brat spoke to another certifiably insane person named Sandy Rios on her show American Family Radio. Of course, as a member of the Tea Party, Brat hates President Obama. But one thing he really hates about the president is the way he occasionally nails Republicans with a Bible verse that shows them up as the hypocrites they are.

Remember now that this is the party that has hammered the president for not being “spiritual” enough, and whose members have either hinted or outright claimed on a number of occasions that Obama is a Muslim. But as soon as the president quotes a verse from the Bible they don’t like, it’s “How DARE you?!?!?!?!”

During the conversation, Brat tells Rios that the president is “trying to bring about compassion by bonking Republicans over the head with the Bible.” Brat sees that as Obama’s way to try to “compel a larger federal state using the tradition of love.”

But it’s what Brat says next that produces the “WTF?” moment. He tells Rios:

Our side, the conservative side, needs to re-educate its people that we own the entire tradition. If you lose the moral argument, you lose the policy argument every time, so we need to reclaim the moral argument, where we’re so strong.

“Re-education?” Isn’t that what those dastardly Commies did to people?

Take a moment and ponder what Brat said. It certainly sounds like he’s saying that Republicans have to convince people that they hold the moral high ground, because that is how they can get their policies through. Apparently it doesn’t matter to him whether or not the Bible actually supports what the GOP wants to do, as long as they can make people believe that it does. And Mr. Obama? Don’t you dare offer up any Bible verses that say Republicans are not doing “God’s work.”

Here’s David Brat’s conversation with Sandy Rios:

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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