Tea Partiers Call for Lynching at White House Protest: ‘Hang’ the ‘Kenyan Traitor’ Obama! (VIDEO)

It’s not exactly surprising, but a group of Tea Partiers gathered on Wednesday to protest President Obama’s executive action on immigration. As the rabid mob of seemingly jobless burdens on society (if they can say it about Ferguson protesters, they can receive the same sentiments) waved their Gadsden and Nyberg flags, a man passionately announced:

We have a traitor who’s [unintelligible] Marxism and Islam. This is who our President is. This President aids our enemies with the taxpayer dollars. He has funded the Muslim Brotherhood. He has funded Al Qaeda and funded illegal sales of weapons to cross  our borders from America to Mexico. It’s called the Fast and Furious scandal.

The speaker called for the impeachment of President Obama, and the crowd was behind him — except they wanted more of a lynching, than anything.

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“Hang the traitor!” one man yelled in a short video provided by Right Wing Watch.

“Hang the lying Kenyan traitor!” another yelled as the man behind the camera laughed. “Plenty of trees in the front yard,” someone added. “Wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”

“We’ve got rope,” someone suggested. It is unclear if they actually brought rope, but it would not exactly be surprising.

As the President had committed “high treason” in the “minds” of these rabid Teabillies, one man holding a sign suggesting Obama and Holder be put in prison suggested “death by hanging on apprehension.” He added, “Don’t snap his neck, you watch him choke to death.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X0cAqfYRMA?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Right-wingers often (loudly) proclaim that they are not racists — yet they remain firmly planted in the belief that the President needs to be ousted by force and strung up on one of the “plenty of trees” surrounding the White House.

What’s distressing is that there was no tear gas, there were no arrests, and not one of the “protesters” was harmed. After all, it’s not like they were fighting for justice…or black.

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