Tea Partier Who Ran On Repealing Gun Laws Arrested When Cops Find An Arsenal In Her Car


Gia Arnold, who once ran for a seat on the New York State Senate with the backing of the Tea Party, was arrested in Niagara Falls last night when police pulled her over and subsequently found an arsenal in her vehicle.

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When her car was searched, officers found an AR-15, a handgun, a Ka-Bar combat knife, and a black ski mask. Arnold and Halim Johnson, her 18-year-old boyfriend who was in the car with her, were both arrested. They are each charged with third degree criminal possession of an assault weapon.

Even before last night’s illegal gun snafu, Arnold has been kind of a whack job, for lack of a better description.

In 2014, Arnold, who was 24 at the time, ran for the New York State Senate after long-time State Senator George Maziarz announced he would not be running for reelection. As a tea party princess, she ran on a promise to repeal the state’s ban on assault weapons, known as the SAFE Act.

The young mom of three then dropped out of the Republican primary, announcing that she had begun cheating on her husband that month, and therefore wasn’t exactly a shining example of “family values.”

A week later Arnold rejoined the race, because fickle as conservatives tend to be when it comes to their own, her supporters had let her know that they didn’t give a damn she couldn’t keep her legs shut.

When I made my announcement last week, I never fathomed the hundreds of texts, calls and emails that I received, almost all of which called for me to stay in this race and fight for truth, honesty and what is right for our Senate district.

She then lost to then-North Tonawanda Mayor Robert G. Ortt, who still holds the seat.

Naturally, an online fundraiser has been set up to pay the costs of her defense. The page alleges they were victims of racial profiling, because Johnson is African American. The site also makes the case that the charges violate their Second Amendment rights, and begs all “patriots” to rally behind her.

This rifle was never considered illegal before the (UN)Safe Act was passed into law, and many citizens consider this law null and void since it infringes on our 2nd Amendment rights.


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