Take 33 Seconds To Laugh About Obama’s Best Week Ever (VIDEO)

You’d have to go deep into history to even imagine the kind of week the President has had. If you haven’t kept track…

After the horrific racist shooting in a South Carolina church last week, states and businesses are finally starting to get rid of the Confederate flag, which certainly didn’t cause the shooting, but is a symbol of racism and treason.

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In the one thing liberals aren’t cheering, on Wednesday, the Senate moved on Obama’s controversial trade bill, the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Then, the Supreme Court started releasing their decisions, and there were three which have the President on the naturalist of highs. On Thursday, the court saved the Fair Housing Act, which means that it’s still illegal to discriminate in housing, despite the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts thinks racism is all but dead.

Americans, though, and the President, have been waiting on the edges of our seats for two decisions, and both turned out exactly the way Obama wanted them. On Thursday, his signature legislation survived hopefully its last test when the court ruled that the subsidies were in keeping with the intent of the writers of the law.

On Friday, rainbows everywhere (well, almost everywhere) broke out when the court ruled that marriage equality is a right.

The icing on the cake was somber. It was the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who died in the shooting in South Carolina. Obama, though, delivered a eulogy that was among his best speeches ever, and he even broke out into a rendition of Amazing Grace.

All in all, what Obama gave us this week was both leadership and yes, progressives, progress. Buzzfeed put together a hilarious video about the week. Enjoy. Laugh. We’ve all earned it.

Featured image via video screen capture

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