Synchronized Bullsh**ting: Steve King Shows Us How You Make Cruz Even Creepier (VIDEO)

In a hilarious vine, the scientifically explained creeper factor of Ted Cruz manages to hit extremes that no one ever expected. For whatever reason, Rep. Steve King forgot that he was in public, and lost himself in some sort of ecstatic hero worship fantasy that begs for the creation of a new sport: synchronized bullsh*tting.

Seriously, King is already well-known for ridiculous statements of epic proportions, such as when he declared that same-sex marriage equality will lead to people marrying their lawnmowers but this is pretty sad. It is one thing to allow the intense burning of your asexual bromance and devotion to your hero to show in such a public venue, but to accidentally wear the same speech? Not only lip-synching every word like a good little parrot, King also mimicked the hand motions of his idol.

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King and Cruz, a match made in the stars or a creeper-palooza extraordinaire? You decide!

Watch the vine here:

Featured image via Screen Capture

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