Susan Sarandon Dubs Trump ‘Drunk Uncle’ – Brilliantly Exposes True Threat Of His Rhetoric (VIDEO)

Susan Sarandon is in Iowa campaigning for Bernie Sanders. While she’s been stumping for Bernie and even active on a phone bank, she took some time to talk to The Young Turks about Donald Trump.

She first came out with a zinger, comparing Trump to “your drunk uncle.” Being a fan of “Saturday Night Live’s” Drunk Uncle played by Bobby Moynihan, I instantly giggled at the thought. But, like most things pertaining to Trump, the giggle lasted only a second and then reality set in, again.

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Sarandon said of the blowhard billionaire:

He reminds me of like your drunk uncle at a wedding who gets up and starts talking and just loves the crowd. He just goes on and on and on and says whatever he can to get a reaction.

Yes, this jerk is still running for president. What the hell, America?

Sarandon continues, “I can’t even address him seriously. He doesn’t even have a consistency or rational. . .  anything.”

Ha! No “rational . . . anything” basically sums up the entire Trump campaign. It’s nothing but fear-mongering and hate. Which is exactly what Sarandon says scares her about Trump’s run for the presidency.

He’s made hatred and racism normal. He’s normalized it. He’s taken this undercurrent of discontent that’s looking to blame somebody and he’s legitimized those feelings. And that, I think, is a very dangerous thing.

While Sarandon may not think Trump himself is a threat, I disagree. I think he IS dangerous. But, she is absolutely correct about one thing – he has rallied the racist, bigoted, anti-intellectual mass in America more than anyone we’ve seen in recent times. And, THAT could be the most frightening thing about Trump’s campaign.

Watch Susan Sarandon expose the danger of Trump here:

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