Surrogate Tries Invoking Bush v Gore Election To Defend Trump, Gets Smacked With Facts (VIDEO)

It’s another morning after for the Trump campaign, and his surrogates are out in front of the cameras, doing their best to put a positive spin on another sub-par debate performance. Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joined host Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day, where she tried to defend Trump’s continuing insistence that the election will be rigged against him by comparing his claim to the actions of Al Gore during the aftermath of the 2000 vote. Cuomo came armed with facts and wasn’t about to listen to her BS without responding.

During Wednesday night’s debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election if Hillary Clinton wins. Trump’s reply was that he would make up his mind at a later time. Conway tells Cuomo that is exactly what Al Gore did in 2000.

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Of course that’s not at all what Gore did in 2000, and Cuomo calls her on it.

“That’s the problem though, is that we all do know what happened in Florida, and this is different.”

Indeed it is. Gore did not go around for weeks saying that Bush was going to steal the election. When the votes were counted in Florida and a recount was triggered, Gore withheld his concession because the election was close, he was ahead in the nationwide popular vote, and it would come down to Florida to decide who would become the next president. Then Cuomo counters her revisionist history with this fact:

“It was George Bush who wound up having to appeal to the Supreme Court to decide the matter, and when they did, that’s when Al Gore took the step of conceding the race.”

Refusing to concede Cuomo’s point, Conway counters with a nonsensical analogy, asking him,

“If you had had Al Gore in this seat 16 years ago, and you asked him the same question, Chris, if you said, ‘Vice President Gore, if you win the popular vote and you’re losing Florida by less than 600 votes that will be decisive to the election, will you concede the election?'”

Once again Cuomo points out that Trump has been saying for weeks that if he loses, it will be because the election is “rigged” even though he has no evidence of that. Thoroughly beaten, Conway turns to her argument of last resort — it’s all the media’s fault. You knew that was coming, right?

Here is the complete conversation between Cuomo and Conway, via YouTube:

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