Surprise: Trump’s First TV Ad Is A Big Fat Lie (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, ever the famous liar, has recently put out his first campaign ad at a seven figure cost. Showing a barrage of pictures in a grainy, black and white setting, about halfway through shows a mass of people fleeing across a border with the narrator proclaiming,”He’ll [Donald Trump] stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for.”

Two things. One, Mexico will not pay for it. Two, contrary to what the video will have you believe, those aren’t Mexicans or South Americans crossing our border – those are migrants crossing the Moroccan border over 5,000 miles away. The footage was obtained from the Italian television network RepubblicaTV and was broadcasted in May 2014.

The description of the video, posted by RepubblicaTV, said the Ministry of the Interior found the people in the video to be an, “onslaught of hundreds of migrants to the wall that separates the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco. About 800 tried to cross the border on May 1st. Those who failed to escape the control of the Civil Guard were hanging on the barriers for six hours before being rejected.”

Trump’s campaign conveniently omitted the RepubblicaTV logo from the video (whereas most campaign ads put their sources clearly in their ads). Classic example of right-wing propaganda to instill fear and xenophobia. Who better to do it than Donald Trump, who has built his entire campaign on lies, slander, and fear.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski (who denied knowing the source of the video), candidly responded to the finding by saying, “Not shit it’s not the Mexican border. But that’s what our country is going to look like. This was 1,000 percent on purpose.”

Sure it was. Just like all his other lies, were those 1,000 on purpose?

As Mediate put it perfectly, it appears that the entire Trump campaign has adopted the truly I-don’t-give-a-f–k attitude of the man at the top.


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