Surprise, Surprise: Trump Absolutely ROBS The Women Who Work On His Campaign

Donald Trump is a misogynist – that’s no secret to anyone not living under a rock. He’s started Twitter fights with prominent women such as Fox host Megyn Kelly and actress Rosie O’Donnell and has called women names such as dogs and fat pigs and other things I won’t mention here. However, he’s slighting the women who work on his campaign in a much more serious way: by paying them roughly 35 percent less than the men who work for him. Even worse than that, of the top 15 highest paid people on the Trump campaign, just two of them are women.

The Boston Globe analyzed Trump’s campaign demographics and payrolls, and what they found is a shocking lack of diversity and disparity in pay between the genders. Women are just 28 percent of the staff on the Trump campaign, and their average pay ran around $4,500 during April. On the other hand, the rest of the staff are men, and their average pay was a whopping $6,100.

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To contrast, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has seemingly gone out of her way to make the genders equal on her campaign. She has an almost equal split of men and women on her campaign staff, and of her 15 most highly compensated staff members, seven are women and eight are men. In April, the women made roughly $3, 710, while the men made around $3,760. In other words, Clinton has taken great pains to keep things about as equal as possible with the genders, as they should be.

The national gender pay gap is something that continues to plague America, even here in 2016. It is shameful that people are paid less just because of their gender and no other reason. Further, misogynists like Donald Trump likely do it completely on purpose, because they believe that women are lesser human beings than men. That is something that will continue, along with countless other horrible things, if Donald Trump takes the White House in November.

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