Surprise, Surprise Fox ‘News’ LIES More Than They Tell The Truth, Fact-Checking Site Finds

Only ten percent stands between Fox and fiction.

Ten percent is the number of times the Fox News Channel (FNC) tells the complete truth. Ten percent. Let that sink in a moment.

According to Politifact, a fact-checking website which runs news channels through their Truth-O-Meter regularly throughout the year, also found that eleven percent of the time the FNC tells the partial truth, and 18 percent of the time are spouting half-truths. Most sickening of all, they outright “Pants on Fire” 9 percent of the time, tell mostly false stories 21 percent of the time, and tell completely false stories 31 percent.

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Which means if we combine the truths vs. the lies, they tell some semblance of the truth 39 percent of the time, while they’re majorly lying to their audience 61 percent of the time.

Here is the breakdown of the claims for Fox News:

Is this actually “Fair and balanced?”

Cue the Fox fans who want to argue other networks lie just as much.

Other networks such as CNN and MSNBC don’t have a spotless record, but they are better than Fox “News.” And both of the channels are up a tick since their previous fact checks.

MSNBC gets a wag of the finger for telling the truth less than Fox “News,” totaling at only nine percent. However, when it comes to mostly true or half true claims, they have Fox “News” beat, respectively they’re rated at 24 and 22 percent — more than half the time, they’re telling the truth.

CNN has the best record, with 80 percent of claims made on their channel rated as true, mostly truth and half true.

Here is the breakdown for MSNBC:

And here is CNN:

While every news station should aim for 100 percent truth, it seems that Fox would have the furthest to go to reach that goal.

These numbers also explain why Fox fans remain the least informed of all news viewers, rating even below viewers who go to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central for their news.

While MSNBC may not have the most sterling record when it comes to the truth, their ratings are terrible. Fox, on the other hand, is the most highly rated news channel on cable TV, which means a larger percentage of Americans are receiving Truth-lite “news.”

If ignorance is truly bliss, Fox fans are in heaven.

H/T: Politifact | Photo: If You Only News

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