Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Warren? Alan Grayson Leading Effort To Make It Happen

While many progressives would love nothing more than for Elizabeth Warren to become either Bernie or Hillary’s VP selection, Supreme Court Justice Warren has a much better ring to it. Not to dash the hopes of liberals, but Senator Warren agreeing to the very negligible role as VP would kill her own ambitions. The primary role of Vice President is to balance the ticket, and this includes being geographically and ideologically (or sexually and racially) disparate from the nominee. Let’s not mention how much more useful and powerful she is as a Senator. A strong liberal voice too.

Supreme Court Justice, however, would make Elizabeth Warren the most powerful progressive voice in the country. 

Orlando Congressman and Democratic Senate Candidate, Alan Grayson, seems to agree.

She’s earned it, and she deserves it, Grayson said. And she’ll be so, so good at it. She’ll bring a working-class and public-education background to the bench. And has also eminently qualified after nearly two decades as a Harvard law professor, where her scholarly work has been widely cited.

While she would make the most qualified selection, there’s a better shot at Republicans in the senate voting on raising wages for all single mothers. While not nearly as polarizing or unlikable as Hillary Clinton, Warren is a fierce opponent of greed and corruption on Wall Street. Warren is also firmly pro-choice and that just doesn’t fly with today’s pro-fetus Republicans.

But Senator Warren has shown instances of bi-partisanship, thus proving she has the insights and thoughtfulness to understand both sides of an issue. 

Via Roll Call, here is a list of some of the Republican senators that Sen. Warren has been working with:

Warren has worked with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on an effort to help keep veterans from falling victim to scam artists, and she’s working with Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., on the issue of transparency when the federal government’s various enforcement agencies settle cases.

Sen. Michael D. Crapo, R-Idaho, the ranking member on the Banking Committee, said he doesn’t believe there would be any political repercussions for Republicans working with Warren. I don’t think so. I know people are always speculating about that, but no I don’t think so, Crapo said. He noted he had worked with Warren on legislation that would overhaul Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Replacing Scalia with a female who champions rights for the middle-class? Yeah, I’m cool with that.

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