Superpac Photoshops Jeb Bush’s Head Onto Black Body, Mails to 86,000 Iowans (IMAGES)

Right To Rise, the Super-PAC that has raised over 100 million dollars for Jeb, made a fantastic, wonderful, hilarious and sadly typical mistake on Aug. 20th.

R2R announced on Twitter the mailing of a flyer supporting Bush. They included an image, and if you look closely you’ll probably spot their blunder.

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Can you see it?


Jeb Bush Black Hand Twitter. Photo courtesy of Think Progress Screen Grab.


Look closer

Jeb Black Hand. Photo, courtesy of Twitter Screencap by Christian Drake for If You Only News


They raised over 100 million dollars for Jeb, but they cannot Un-African American a stock image. They had one job…  The idea that a stock Photoshop was used for Jeb’s body is pretty ridiculous, but why the hell would you use a black guy? There is nothing remarkable about this picture that would have said, “Hey, just Photoshop out the minority in the original and drop Jeb’s head on it.” I will never understand this one folks.

There is another slightly less jovial aspect about this though. They are literally taking a black person and “whitening” them to make them acceptable to be viewed in a Bush campaign mailer. What exactly is so offensive about the idea of Jeb being seen in the same frame as a black person? Why not just make him standing next to the guy? We wouldn’t believe that meant he wasn’t racist, of course. However, the overt offensiveness of appropriating a black person and bleaching their skin, then removing their identity and replacing it with Jeb’s head, is just ridiculous, offensive, disgusting, tone-deaf and speaks volumes to what the GOP thinks about black people. They think they are disposable objects. We really knew this already though, didn’t we?

Featured Image via Twitter Screen Capture



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