SUPER Trump! Claims His Ankle Gun Would Have Stopped The Paris Terrorist Attacks

During a recent campaign stop in Las Vegas, Donald Trump claimed that if he and his handy little gun had been in Paris that frightful night of the attack things would have been different.  I think the nickname “Teflon Don” is getting to his head.

If I were there, I’m licensed to carry, I will tell you this, if I were there, if somebody were there, if we had some firepower in the opposite direction, those people would’ve been gone

This isn’t a new stance for Trump either. Just last week he was quoted as saying:

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You look at Paris, no guns, nothing. And you look at California, no guns. I can tell you one thing, if I’m in there and I have a handgun, we’re going down shooting. We’re going to knock ’em out. Okay? One way or the other

Trump also stated that if the victims had been “strapped,” this wouldn’t be a problem right now.

If a few of those people that are now dead, if a few of those people had guns strapped to their ankles or strapped to their waists, you wouldn’t have the problem, right

Almost seems as though he’s saying it’s the victims’ fault for not carrying. What happened in Paris was a disgusting act by a bunch of cowards. They came out of nowhere without warning and began shooting. How would more bullets spontaneously being unloaded have helped the situation? It would’ve ended up with  more accidental casualties because let’s face it, civilians aren’t trained to react to these situations. Trump using this massacre to push for less gun regulations is a slap in the face to the victims and their loved ones.


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